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Online sessions are done in the comfort of your home, is more economical, and easy to do.  You will enjoy the small group environment while learning about God's deeper truths. All you need is a computer with internet access and a telephone.  

Here is how it works:

During each session, Dr. Aiko will teach for one hour and have Q & A for one hour. Questions can be submitted in real-time during each session via a live “online chat box”. 

Also questions can be submitted up to 2 weeks in advance. 

A questionnaire link will be emailed to you right after you register (within 24 hours), so you can submit your questions in advance.

Please limit your emailed questions, approx. 2 per person.  

Dr. Aiko will answer questions at the end of each session, starting with those that were submitted in advance.  When seession time is over, if any questions remain, they will be answered via email within 2 business days.

Over the past couple years we received multiple requests from people who strongly desired to ask Dr. Aiko some questions about her teaching materials.  And now that day has come.  Starting in July 2015, Dr. Aiko will host weekly online "teach and review" sessions.

Registration Information

>> Registration can be done online. Cost of the session is $25.00.

>> After you register, session login information will be emailed 2 days before the session begins.

>> Registration for the upcoming session will be closed 2 days prior to starting date or when maximum capacity has been reached.

>> The session will begin at Mountain Standard Time

**NEW** All sessions will be recorded and can be purchased from our webstore in an MP3 Audio download or a DVD download. 

>>  Registration is limited to 25 people per session.  All sessions are non-refundable.

Online Sessions With Dr. Aiko


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