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 The Lord has impressed upon me that this year 2015, will bring a ‘turbulent atmosphere’ with it, ranging from mild to severe
 turbulence, BUT, we are to stay focused on HIM and His Wisdom and His Provision. If you do this, you will NOT be "tossed
around", but you will remain steady as though you are in the "eye of a storm" where HE will HOLD you safe!

The story of Peter, walking on water towards Jesus is a good example (Read ​Matt.14:28-32​). As long as ​ Peter obeyed HIS
Word, "COME", and got OUT of the ​boat, he walked on water. But as soon as ​Peter became distracted by the raging waves
and wind around him, and took his eyes off of Jesus, he "began to sink" and cried out "​Lord​, save me"! Jesus extended His
hand and pulled Peter UP and said, "​Oh you of little faith,​ WHY did you doubt?" This word, ​"doubt" comes from the Greek,
​ meaning "Divided​ ​Judgment" or "Double Mindedness" (Also read James ​1:6-8).

Our lesson to remember -- during "turbulent times" we must Focus on the Lord and HIS Word and do NOT get distracted by "sensory inputs" (waves, wind, your bodily symptoms, doctor's diagnosis and prognosis, your bank account, many bills to pay, what others tell you, etc.). Remember, God’s Word (His promises) are the FINAL authority over the earthly, sensory evidence, that may ‘scare’ or distress you. As you ‘adhere’ to HIS Word (Faith Evidence), you will overcome. Jesus made 7 promises to ‘Overcomers’ in the Book of Revelation, using that same word, "overcome". For example, Rev. 3:5 "He that overcomes shall be Clothed In white garments, and I will NOT blot out his name from the Book of Life." This implies that it is possible for your name to be blotted out of the Book of Life, IF you are NOT an Overcomer!!! The word, “overcomer” implies we actually have Some things to overcome: it could be health issues, finances, relationship problems, environmental and political issues, etc. Remember, Jesus has already "overcome" ALL of them, including death" (by His Bodily Resurrection). Since "the last enemy to conquer​ is death", ALL other 'enemies’ in-between, ​were already​ overcome by Jesus. (Read 1 John 3:8).​ Jesus gave us HIS Name (His Authority)​ in​ dealing with ALL of life's problems​. WE are assured of Victory over "all the power of the Enemy" (Luke 10:19). ​BE a "Consistent Overcomer" throughout 2015 and onward intto ETERNITY!!

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